Over-speeding car smashes rails of bridge and falls onto Doha Expressway

There was a major accident on Wednesday night when a speeding SUV overshot the traffic light at the Khalifa Al Attiyah Intersection in Doha and fell off the bridge onto the February 22 Street underpass, according to Gulf Times.

The Ministry of Interior tweeted that the accident was attributed to ‘overspeed and failure to obey the traffic signals.’

The vehicle smashed through the metal railings on one side of the bridge, near the Midmac Flyover, before plunging down to the February 22 Street, which is a part of Al Shamal Expressway.

No information is available about the status of the occupant(s) of the vehicle or whether any other vehicle on February 22 Street was involved in the accident when the SUV fell from above.

Following the accident, police blocked traffic through the affected stretch of the road until the area was cleared of the wreckage and debris.

Yesterday, concrete blocks could be seen placed against the metal railing on either side of the bridge.


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