Saudi Arabia Blocks The Entry Of Three Qatari GCC Officials

Three Qatari citizens, who are officials of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) General Secretariat, were not allowed to enter the kingdom and they were sent back through Salwa border.

Saudi authorities had passed a decision on July 8 to exclude Qatari nationals working in the GCC General Secretariat from the measures imposed on Qataris as part of the boycott imposed on Doha.

“The Secretariat has received the approval of Saudi Arabia for the continuation of the status of GCC nationals in the General Secretariat according to applicable regulations and to facilitate their stay in their current positions in the host country,” said a letter from the GCC Secretariat to Qatar‘s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“It also applies to Qatari workers in all international and regional institutions based in Saudi Arabia,” the letter added.

The move followed a report in Kuwaiti media about an imminent breakthrough in the crisis and the chances of holding the GCC summit in December, including all the six states.

Meanwhile, a report in the Saudi daily Okaz has accused Doha of masterminding a”Qatari terrorist plot aimed at destabilising the security of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,” citing unnamed sources.


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