Qatar stresses Middle East region’s need for resolving differences through dialogue

Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani has said that differences between countries must be resolved through dialogue and not blockade.

He also called for a regional security partnership between all countries in the Middle East, according to Gulf Times.

In a speech before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament late Thursday, he stressed that Qatar adopts a method of change and constructive criticism for development, noting that for the past year it had been calling for dialogue.

“Qatar has repeatedly invited its neighbors to the table and asked them to clarify their position and the reasons for the blockade and have not received a response,” he said.

The Minister expressed his regret because there was more escalation on their part, where they still ignore calls from the international community to engage in dialogue and continue to pursue their un-constructive actions not only against Qatar but also against other countries in the region.

He added that the Middle East could not bear more crises, and the region had enough problems on the table and that there were many negative effects on stability in the region, according to The Peninsula.

He stressed the need to establish a regional security partnership between all countries of the Middle East. He said that if one looked carefully at the crises in the Middle East, one could find that the same countries are involved in these crises. They should come to the dialogue table to adopt the principle of collective security and contribute to pushing it forward.

The Deputy Prime Minister considered there is an important role for the European Union in this context, pointing out that everything that happens in the region affects it, whether in the form of refugee flows or the spread of transnational terrorism, welcoming in this regard the efforts of European countries to support the establishment of a dialogue on regional security, which Qatar believes in and tries to strength it.


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