Pinay Domestic Helper Tries To End Her Life By Drinking Bleach, Rescued By Authorities!

Because of too much depression, an Overseas Filipino Worker drunk a gallon of bleach and even documented herself doing the act. Luckily, she was rescued and brought to the nearest hospital.

According to reports, the OFW was identified as Ann A. She was working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong but apparently, her visa got expired and she is currently overstaying in the country.

At around 1 pm of Oct 10, Ann bid goodbye through social media. She sent the suicide video to her friend on Facebook through private message.

Good thing rescuers were fast in rendering their help and Ann was immediately taken to a hospital in New Territories. After four hours of sending the video to her friend, Ann sent a message stating that she is okay.

“OK lang ako, wag kayo mag-alala,” says Ann.

Ann also posted an update about her current health status on Facebook using her native language which is Ilonggo.

“Thank you gid sa kabalaka ninyo. May second life pa ako,” her Facebook post read.

Ann is a mother of three and was born in Cabatuan, Iloilo. In the video, she can be seen gulping the bleach then her mouth started to froth because of the liquid that flowed through her body.

The video was sent to her friend, who instantly shared it in a group chat. The video was spread out until it reached a radio station in Iloilo (RMN radio station). They posted a blurred copy of it in their Facebook page.

A caption in the said post states that Ann fought with her husband few days before the incident. Her fellow kababan also asked the assistance of the Consulate in Hong Kong regarding her expired contract which ended last June.

She still didn’t submitted any new contract which means that she’s staying in Hong Kong illegally since June. The Pinay domestic helper is reportedly staying in a boarding house at Kamtin, Yuan Long.

Watch Video Below :

VIDEO SANG ILONGGA NGA NAGA INOM SANG BLEACH, NAG VIRAL SA HONGKONG SUBONG NGA ADLAW[UPDATE] Depression kag pamahug sa kabuhi ang rason kun nga-a nagtuyo maghikog pinaagi sa pag-inom sang bleach ang isa ka Ilongga nga OFW sa Hong Kong.Sa exclusive interview sang RMN Iloilo kay Ann, tumandok sang Cabatuan, indi sini mahambal ang personal nga problema apang iya ginpahayag nga may nagatawag sa iya nga isa ka lalaki halin sa Iloilo nga nagapahug nga siya pagapatyon.Gin-athag man ni Ann nga indi away mag-asawa ang rason sang iya tuyo nga paghikog.Nagpanugyan man ini sa kapareho nga OFW nga indi pagsundon ang iya ginhimo kag isalig ang tanan sa pangamuyo.Ginpasalamatan man sini ang iya pamilya kag tatlo ka kabata-an nga nagpabatyag sang ila nga pagpalangga sa iya. Nahibalu-an, anum na ka tuig nga nagatrabaho sa Hong Kong si Ann.#TatakRMN

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