OFW in Saudi Arabia Seeks Help to be repatriated to the Philippines Because Of Suffering from Gynecological Condition

Up to what extent can an OFW endure the hardships of working abroad?

An OFW domestic helper in Saudi Arabia named Cristinray Bajo had used her Facebook account to ask for help in order to be repatriated to the Philippines the soonest possible time. She posted several photos on social media hoping one day she’ll be able to seek the most-awaited assistance that she needs.

Apparently, based on the photos and on the comments of the netizens, Cristinray was suffering from “myoma”. This was the reason why she was seen with an enlarged belly and not that because she was pregnant. This also made it difficult for her to perform her tasks at work. She was also vomiting blood which was a sign that she really needed medical attention immediately.

Myoma is a benign tumor composed partly of muscle tissue that develops in the cervix either in the lower or the upper part of the uterus. In most cases of myoma, surgery is needed to remove the tumor.

According to Maricris, she already asked for assistance from her agency but their promises were all lies because up to now, she did not receive any help from them. The agency told her that they were already processing her exit visa but until now, she had not received the visa yet. All that she wanted was for them to get her from employer’s custody as even if she was suffering from her gynecological condition, the employer was still requiring her to work. This prompted her to post on social media.

Netizens pity Maricris and asked about her employment details so they may be able to help her but as of this writing, she had not replied still with the comments. They hope she’ll get over this situation and be brought home to the Philippines.

They also advised her to seek help from Raffy Tulfo.

May her post be known to concerned government agencies so that she will be taken home to the Philippines immediately and be given medical attention really soon.

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