OFW Domestic Helper in Saudi Arabia Dies due to Heart Disease, Family Refutes Autopsy Believing There is a Foul Play

Who would have thought that an OFW who is dreaming of providing a better life for her family ended up losing her life in just a few days of working abroad?

Rodalyn Bandoquillo flew to Saudi Arabia last September 14 to work as a domestic helper. Twenty (20) days after, she was reported dead because of heart disease which the family refused to believe because she was perfectly fit to work when she left the Philippines.

on Tuesday, he received a call from Rodalyn who was crying and was claiming that someone was up to get her.

The following day, Wednesday, a bad news was received by her sister from Eastside International Manpower informing them that Rodalyn was already dead.

The agency claimed that based on the autopsy submitted to them, Rodalyn has a heart disease which was the cause of her death. However, her family refused to accept their statement because they believe Rodalyn does not have a heart disease. They believed there was a foul play leading to Rodalyn’s death.

“Humihingi ng tulong ang kapatid ko bago namatay, wala naman siyang sakit,” Luzmin Guillermo, sister of Rodalyn emphasized.

However, OFW advocate Susan Ople stated that it is still the responsibility of Rodalyn’s agency to look after her case because they have an existing contract.

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration also committed to look closely on this case.

As of this writing, Eastside International Manpower has not released any statement to air their side.

May truth in the investigations prevail and justice be served to Rodalyn.

Rest in Peace, kabayan.

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