OFW Dies at Hospital in Kuwait, Friends Call for Netizens to Help Find Her Relatives in the Philippines

It is sad that there are overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who die at the country they are working in, but their bodies don’t get sent back immediately to the Philippines because no one could find the contact information of their families.

In the past, these OFWs eventually become forgotten even as their families wonder what happened to them and never get answers; their bodies get disposed of, with many not even getting a decent burial.

Today, we are somewhat thankful for social media and the internet which allow people to seek help from anywhere for various reasons, including to look for the relatives of the sick or dead person in some faraway country as well as for other reasons, of course.

Several posts on Facebook claim that last December 1, 2017, a woman named Fe Avila Panotes died at Adan Hospital in Kuwait but no one could locate the contact number of her relatives.

So, her friends in Kuwait took it upon themselves to seek for her family on Facebook, in hopes that some netizens could eventually contact the family and tell them about what happened to Panotes so they can claim her body before it will disposed of and buried in some unknown place in Kuwait.

According to the Facebook post, the family of the OFW hasn’t been found yet. We hope that by sharing this post, Panotes’ family could finally claim her body and that she can be buried in the Philippines, if that is still possible.



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