Northwesterly winds expected to blow over Qatar

Northwesterly windy conditions expected to begin tomorrow on Thursday in some areas.

However, fresh to strong northwesterly wind is expected over most areas of the country during daytime on Friday and Saturday as Indian Monsoon low deepens in the region with wind speed ranging between 18 to 28kt gusting to 38kt at times.

This could lead to blowing dust in certain areas with a visibility drop to 2km or less especially in open areas.

In addition, wave height expected to rise between 5 to 8ft reaching 11ft at times with wind speed reaching 30kt offshore.

Temperatures forecasted to reach mid 40s in Doha with it increasing in central areas.

Wind speed expected to decrease relatively on Sunday (June 10), becoming moderate to fresh, but the Northwesterly wind (Locally called Bawarih) continues with variable intensity next week.

Therefore, Qatar Meteorology Department urges all to be cautious, check weather conditions before going to sea as well as to follow latest updates through its official social media accounts.


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