My Story: As I Reached Office, I Got To Know That A Man Who Raped An 8-Yr-Old Girl Had Been Tracked

“I grew up watching my father working in the police force, ever since it has been a dream for me to get into the same filed. Even before the time came to pick a profession, I chose to be a police constable myself because I wanted to be able to protect myself and others around me. Police uniform gives a feeling of immense pride and sense of responsibility towards the duty. I met my husband while working in police force and I wanted to marry someone from the same field, luckily I found the best man who loves his job as much as I do. We both were happy and dedicated towards our duty.

My in laws have been quite supportive throughout. We have three children and they live with their grandparents while I and my husband are on duty. We both get to spend sundays with our family. It feels overwhelming to see so much love and respect for me from my in laws. They feel so happy to hear my work achievements. My mother in law happily tells her friends and relatives about how proud she feels to see her daughter in law being able to help other women come out of problems.

For a woman it’s very important that she is heard without being judged so each case that comes in Kalyan police station is handed over to our team. We are a team of four lady constables and one male constable, we report to our Sir Mr Pratap Dighavkar who believes in us more than we do.

I remember one lady who felt extremely helpless with the torture by her husband and his family. She was scared to lodge a complaint against the family as they would beat her up but she was fed up and came with high hopes from us. We counselled her with our counselling team and explained her about her rights, it’s shocking how most women don’t know their basic rights. She felt much better and believed in us, we called her husband and counselled him too. The reason of his ill behaviour was so silly- he said he was under the pressure of his family and they wanted some more gold which is why he used to hit her under their pressure. They both have been living happily since then. We have had so many such cases and from around 300 cases almost 150 have been resolved by our team without any lawyers or any commercial involvement. Some of the people do not file case or complaint with the fear of being unable to pay fees to the lawyer and they keep tolerating extreme torture for many years. Our team’s aim is to help all these helpless women.

There are cases where women are not given food, they get hit by in laws, physical harassment and what not just because of the greed of dowry from her parents who fail to fulfil the greedy dowry needs. The torture and taunts go on for many many years. There are also cases where a woman is blamed for not being able to deliver a boy child and she is kicked out or husband is forced to remarry another woman by his family. I get cringed by hearing these cases but this is a harsh reality of our society. Women are still considered as objects. There are young girls raped by their neighbours and relatives too, there is no safety. We educate young girls and women about their basic rights and guidance of sexual abuse.

I love my job and I am waiting for the day when the torture ends for women. Our job keeps us on our toes through out the day. During festivals we end up working more but end of the day it feels so good to be able to do our bit for our nation. I dream to see my kids get into police force too.

There is a long way to go for us, crime rate will only decrease when people start caring for each other. Once a lady came across a young girl who was sexually abused but did not know what to do, this stranger lady got the girl to police station and sat here with the girl even when they did not know each other. In fact she even helped in tracking the culprit who was a neighbour resident. If a common man starts helping each other then the fear of the culprit will automatically not let him commit such crime. We keep organising awareness camps and also reward people who cooperate our team for any small or big case.

On our second child’s first birthday we had planned a small celebration at home so I had taken a leave. But I got a call for immediate reporting due to some important case and I had to rush at that very moment. My in laws managed it but as a parent I had a guilt for not being able to be there but when I reach office and got to know that my colleagues had almost tracked a rapist who raped an 8-year-old girl, I burst into tears. I knew our team works for bigger things then birthdays and celebrations so we are happy to work 365 days. Who says work can’t be fun? The feeling of content that we get after seeing relief of each person’s face after resolving their issue is priceless. A smile on a victim’s face gives immense pleasure.”

Story By – Mansi Dhanak | Mission JOSH


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