Man Given Three-year Jail Sentence for Forging Signature on 33 Visa Applications

Every day, crooks find new ways to swindle and cheat people. But ultimately, it all comes down to the age old adage that crime does not pay.

Yesterday, the Qatari court sentenced a person to three years in prison for forging 33 visa applications and confiscated the forged documents, according to The Peninsula.

The Public Prosecution referred a person to the Court of First Instance for falsifying visa applications by forging the business owner’s (victim) signature to issue visas.

According to court document, when the victim was reviewing his company’s papers, he discovered that many visas were issued without his knowledge. He then confronted the accused, who admitted that he had obtained 33 visas, using the victim’s ID card and signature.

The victim approached the competent authority and requested a report showing the number of visas issued under his company. He found that more than 600 visas had been issued, in more than a year, and 33 of them were forged.

The victim immediately filed a complaint with the security authorities accusing that the employee was issuing visas without permission and selling them for money.

The Criminal Laboratory report confirmed that signatures on the 33 applications were not that of the company owner and were forged.


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