MADLSA says it will receive labour dispute complaints at four sites across Qatar

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) will receive complaints related to labor disputes at four allocated locations, it was announced yesterday.

The four locations are Al Faisal Tower in Al Dafna (opposite the Marriott City Center Hotel), Al Huda Tower, opposite City Center (on the first floor), the ministry’s office in Al Qassarat Street (Industrial Area) and the ministry’s office at Al Ameer Street No. 600 in Al Khor City, reported Qatar Tribune.

From now on, no more labour dispute cases will be accepted by courts in the country. In case of any disagreement between a worker and his employer, instead of going to the court, the worker will now go to MADLSA, where there will be an office to register such complaints.

The ministry will receive complaints from workers and within seven days of the receipt the complaints, the ministry will refer the cases to the Dispute Settlement Committee.

The cases will be resolved within a month from the date of the transfer. This committee is dedicated to workers and domestic helps.


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