Guide for Checking Travel ban in Qatar 2017

Despite the fact that Qatar recently established a new labour law, a few things, like travel bans, still exist. A travel ban is typically set on people who have criminal/civil evidence against them.

In case that oneis willing to leave the nation and feelsthat he/she may have a travel bancircular set up, this is the way by which they can officially check it. In case one have a travel ban, he/she ought to settle it with competent authorities inside the nation before leaving the country.

Here are step-by-step directions to enquire about travel bans.

1. Go to and login utilizing your smart card.

2. Select the required transaction type (personal for smart card owner or organization name for authorized individual).

3. Click on ‘General Services,’ then select ‘Inquire About Travel Ban.’

4. Utilize the page ‘List of Travel Ban Circulars’ to see the circular recorded on your ID number and the commanding entities.

5. After signing in the services, the framework will demonstrate a list of travel bancirculars (in case any exists).

6. In the event of no recorded circular, the framework will show a message expressing so.

7. Logout from the services.


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