Genie Wiley Suffered Horrible Abuse at the Hands of Her Father!

  • Genie Wiley was subjected to extreme abuse by her mentally unstable father.
  • He locked her in a dark room and put her in a straitjacket when she was just two years old!
  • Read the article below and watch the video to discover her shocking life story!

Abuse can take many forms. It can be physical, mental, emotional, or s*xual in nature. In this girl’s case, she suffered a wide range of abuse from her very own father who locked her in a dark room and forced her to a wear a straitjacket when she was just two-years-old.

Genie Wiley (a protective pseudonym) was born in 1957 in Arcadia, California. She had a mentally unstable father named Clark Wiley who chained her to a potty stool during the day and tied her to her crib at night. Apparently, he believed that he was “protecting her from the evils of the outside world.” The strange behavior is believed to have stemmed from the abuse he himself suffered at the hands of his cruel mother.

Genie’s father, Clark, hated children and never wanted any of his own. His first child, a daughter, died after he wrapped her in a blanket and stuffed her inside a drawer in their garage because the baby kept crying. Another child, a son, also died soon after being born. Genie and her brother, John, were the only children who survived their father’s cruelty.

According to ABC NewsJohn said:

“I don’t think he wanted me to have children, and it’s a wonder I did. He would write me a note excusing me from gym so the kids didn’t see my privates in the showers.”

Genie’s mother was severely injured when Genie was very young, causing brain damage which led to her losing vision in one eye. Genie’s brother, John, was also abused by their father. He was severely beaten and ordered to guard their family from prying eyes and nosy neighbors in order to hide the abuse that Genie suffered.

According to the report:

“Under pressure from Clark, both her mother and her brother didn’t dare to talk to Genie or form any sort of relationship with her. Everyone had to be quiet: if Genie made a sound, her father would hit her and yell at her until he was blue in the face — this was the only human interaction the tortured child would ever have while in captivity.”

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Due to the abuse and isolation, Genie’s growth and development as an individual were extremely negatively affected. Reportedly, certain parts of her brain, such as the Wernicke’s speech area, failed to develop. She was unable to properly communicate with people. She also had trouble walking. She doesn’t feel anything when subjected to cold and hot temperatures as well.

Genie Wiley’s case is the perfect example of a “feral child.”

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When she turned 13-years-old, Genie appeared to look like she was only 7 because her body and mind were underdeveloped. In October 1970, her mother fought with her husband and decided to bring Genie with her. When a social security officer saw the girl, they noted that she looked “critically malnourished.” Her physical appearance didn’t match her age.

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The case became public when the media found out about Genie’s horrifying story. Her father then reportedly committed suicide. He left a note to his son, John. It said:

“Be a good boy, I love you.”

She was brought into a hospital where medical professionals and researchers tried to help her. They were curious to see if she could still be taught to speak even in her late childhood. Genie could only say the words “blue,” “orange,” “mother,” and “go” without knowing what they meant.

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Because of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, she had no understanding of social norms and behavior was considered by many to be deeply disturbing. When Genie became stressed, she would urinate or defecate on herself. She also reportedly mast*rbated in public and spat at people or objects all the time. In addition to that, she didn’t display any empathy.

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Liguistics experts tried to train her how to speak for five years but even afterwards, she was still unable to form any sentences on her own. According to the source:

“The areas of the brain that need to be trained at an early stage so that language learning is possible had been permanently damaged by her captivity — there was no way back. In 1975, research funds were cut because her case was no longer of scientific interest.”

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Eventually, Genie ended up in a care home in Los Angeles after being immersed in numerous foster families. The report noted that there is a legal ban in attempting to contact her, so only a select few actually know how she is doing nowadays.

Here is a video report that was uploaded by the YouTube channel “ApolloEight Genesis:’”

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