8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar

8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar

There is so much more to Qatar than what meets the eye. There was very little known about this magnificent country till quite recently. With a rich culture and extravagance in style, Qatar is rapidly growing into a cosmopolitan country, and there is so much about the land that makes it simply awesome. The unparalleled landscape and awe-inspiring architecture catches the attention of fleeting tourists, as well as the expats who have made it their prime dwelling.

Here’s a list of things that make Qatar irresistible and exciting, contrary to general belief.

1. FIFA World Cup 2022
8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar
All you football enthusiasts out there, this one’s for you. Qatar will be the first in its region to host one of the biggest sporting events in the world, Fifa World Cup 2022.
Those who are wondering about the consequential turbulence because of the heat, worry not, Qatar is two-steps ahead and is fully prepared for that. Instead of the expected June schedule, the event will happen in November or December to avoid the summer season. The country is extremely stoked about the coming tourists and the famous athletes.

2. Petroleum is cheap!
8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar
That statement is a shocker for most of us, but not for Qatar. With the highest GDP per capita, it enjoys the status of the biggest exporter of liquid gas around the world. The gas and oil industry contribute a big chunk of revenue to the country. So it is safe to say that the country offers really low prices for petroleum.

3. Sport of the sheiks8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar

Big on culture and tradition, Qatar attracts visitors from around the globe for the much celebrated sport of the sheiks; camel racing. What’s most interesting about this event is the blend of something as traditional as camel racing with technology. For safety reasons the human-jockeys have been replaced with electronic ones controlled by remotes. Mind blowing, isn’t it? See it to believe it.

4. Outdoor camping
8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar
Qatar offers a hoard of outdoor activities, whether on the beach or in the midst of a huge desert. Dune bashing is a hit with tourists and locals at the Sealine Beach in Mesajeed. Don’t forget to check it out the next time you’re visiting Qatar.

5. Weekends like none other
8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar
Due to the Islamic laws of the land, Qatar enjoys weekends on Fridays and Saturdays. So while the whole world works on Friday and rests on Saturday and Sunday, Qatar has its own unique schedule. Interesting, right?

6. The Pearl Qatar
8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar
Situated in the islands off the iconic West Bay coast with the Mediterranean-style marinas, The Pearl Qatar is affectionately called the ‘Arabian Riviera’ for it extravagance and sophistication. With an array of fine-dine restaurants, big brand boutiques and five-star elegance, it is a popular spot for tourists and expats.

7. Karak Chai!
8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar
If you have any ties with the South Asian countries of India and Pakistan, Karak Chai won’t sound like an alien concept to you. Gaining rapid popularity in the gulf region, this traditional drink is becoming quite a local star. Make sure to enjoy this traditional cup of tea next time you’re in Qatar.

8. Flora and fauna
8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar
When someone thinks of Qatar, endless barren desert till the end of the horizon is what comes to mind. However, Qatar has a surprisingly diverse wildlife.
For fishing or a camping trip with friends or family, there are beautiful spots like the Purple Island and Al Khor Island. Home to some spectacular birds, mangroves, and other species, Qatar has wetlands as well as marshes to flaunt its flora and fauna.
Plan your next trip to Qatar keeping in mind all the attractions listed above for a trip of a lifetime. There is so much about Qatar that is yet to be discovered and made known to the world. Enjoy Qatar responsibly and you will surely find oodles of fun activities and things to do.

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